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watchmyanimal > Hunter Of The Forbidden Region > Chapter 11.1
Normally when Lin Shuo spoke, his tone was even keeled and not loud. But this “WATCH OUT!” came from his dantian1, it sounded so thunderous that it gave everyone gooseb.u.mps.

Everybody was startled and looked over to where Lin Shuo was standing by the river. Then everybody saw it, a flash of white light above the river.

That white light, sped pa.s.sed the metal chain bridge at high speed. Under the midday sun, its entire body was reflective and many didn't see what it was.

But the white light darted over the bridge and returned back into the water. It didn't cause too much of a ruckus, much like a stone falling into the water.

In addition to being the equipment specialist of the mercenary troop, Liu Qing was also an excellent markswoman. Her eyesight was way better than most, she cried out, “It's a fis.h.!.+”

While she was saying that, she placed her hands about half a meter apart in front of her body and elaborated, “About this size.”

Wei Xingshan looked at Lin Shuo and felt that he had overreacted. He thought Lin Shuo was referring to something much bigger, but just a fish?

Surely the fish jumped quite high, all the way over a 10 meter bridge, but it was still just a fish.

“Hehe,” dried laughed Wei Xingshan and attempted to say something nice, “That indeed pose a safety issue. Getting hit by a fish of that size is no small feat.”

Even though he said that, it didn't do much for the mercenaries working under him.

“Are you kidding me! We slaved all morning long just for a fish?”

“Hah, if this fish really come jumping up while we are crossing, I am going to catch it with my dagger and it will be dinner.”

“Even Mr. Lin can make mistakes some times.”

“Okay, you guys. He just had our safety in mind is all. Stop with the trash talking and get back to work.”

Anne looked at the still silent Lin Shuo and there were questions in her eyes. But this beauty was also a smarty. Judging from Lin Shuo's look, she knew there was more to it.

Lin Shuo ignored everyone and stared intently at the surface of the river.

His one hand started reaching for the quiver behind his back.

“Everybody stand back,” warned Anne as she noticed his action.

Before she finished her sentence, another white bean darted out of the water. Then another one, and another one Light beam after light beam rose from the surface of the river and turn into parabolas of light.

Some of the fish didn't jump as high and pa.s.sed under the bridge, others jumped straight over the bridge. A few unlucky ones smacked right onto the metal chain, which changed their course of trajectory, and struggled to get back into the water.

These fish were not small and there were more and more of them jumping out of the water.

At the beginning, everybody thought it was a fun experience to witness this. As there were more and more fish jumping out of the water, and they were starting to lose count, they started to look more and more wo

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