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'Whoops, thought Mu'shad Waseed, as the seventy-eight amba.s.sadors of the Ununited Kingdoms emerged from their carriages wearing raincoats and galoshes, eager to know how Mu'shad Waseed was going to deal with the Dragon Question.'

The Dragon Question

'Despite his own misgivings, Mu'shad Waseed accepted the task and threw himself into the project heartily. His first act was to s.h.i.+p many of his fellow wizards from Persia to act as a working committee, as it was a well-known fact that Dragons could do magic too, and that any spell woven by Mu'shad Waseed could just as easily be unwoven by Ja.n.u.s, Mr Beezley or even Dimwiddy. The best that Mu'shad Waseed could manage was the instigation of a cla.s.s of warriors known as the Dragonslayers, men and women who were bold in heart and soft in the head, who would be sworn into the service after a five-year apprentices.h.i.+p. Mu'shad Waseed created suits of armour with copper spikes, sharpened by the strongest magic to a point that could cut through anything. To each Dragonslayer he gave a horse blessed with intelligence and courage, and finally a sword and a lance, both of which were made of the finest steel, forged in the fires of the volcanoes of Tierra del Fuego, kept hot and then quenched in the lakes of Alaska all fairly routine stuff.

'These weapons were made sharper still by spells that looped and twirled and with loose ends not tied but joined joined, as any incantation can be undone if the spell has any loose ends, just as even the most difficult knot can be untied.

'Mu'shad Waseed made one hundred each of these lances and swords, and trained one hundred Dragonslayers. To each of these one hundred Dragonslayers was given an apprentice to learn from his master. All seemed well, and after eight years, Mu'shad Waseed sent his Dragonslayers forth to slay the Dragons.

'Initially, things seemed to go pretty well. Reports came flooding in of defeated Dragons; even "Bubbles" Beezley, the fabled pink comedic Dragon of Trollvania, fell to a Dragonslayer with the words: '"Is there anyone here from Newcastle?"

'The number of jewels plucked from the foreheads of the Dragons rose quickly. Since the Dragon census of the day listed forty-seven active Dragons, the amba.s.sadors of the Ununited Kingdoms wanted to see that many jewels as proof the Dragon Question had been solved. Mu'shad Waseed was not the only person eager to see the seven dray-weights of gold. Besieging the Persian wizard's camp were representatives of hoteliers and restaurateurs, laundry companies and tailors, who had all given Mu'shad Waseed eight years of credit and now wanted their money. As reports of fallen Dragons came pouring in, parties were planned throughout the islands by the grateful inhabitants; a land without Dragons meant their harvest wouldn't be burnt, their livestock wouldn't be eaten, and they could walk around at night without wearing an uncomfortable copper helmet. So everyone, for the moment

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