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Chapter 20: A Guy Friend and the Wizard




The ocean! We’re at the ocean!

The girls in swimsuits are calling Igni’s name.

“Hey! Igni is going to play with me!”

“What?! Whatever! He’s playing with me!”

“What are you guys talking about?! Igni’s coming with me to play!”

Oh, better stop them from fighting.

Let’s stop this with one cool, swift comment.

Igni let out an audible, exaggerated breath and shrugged his shoulders.

Igni: “It’s simple girls. Let’s all 3 play together.”

And Igni could not resist letting a huge smile surface as he said this but...

“What are you talking about?! I’m No. 1!”

One of the more prouder, demanding girls picked up Igni and held him close.

“Elina! Let go of Sir Igni or I’ll crush you!”

“HAHAHA!! Let’s just see you try!! I’m No.1!”


The ground twisted and with the command from the servant-like girl, the beach sand turned into a spiraling spear and tried to pierce Elina!

GAKIN!! (sfx metal clashing)

Elina pulled out a sword from nowhere and blocked the attack.

“Hey! Stop that fighting right now!”

“Be quiet, Alicia! I’m tired of you always looking down on us!! I’ll crush you too!”

“It’s no use, Iris. I’m much stronger than you are.”

“My compatibility is higher!”

Leaving Elina alone, Alicia and Iris begin to fight.

“That looks fun~! Let me in on the action!”

“M-Miss Student Body President?!”

“Me too.”

“Miss Miko…?!”

Alicia rides on her broom while blasting multiple [WIND] magic.

On the ground, Iris was struggling to find ways to block it with her spells.


“Whoa?! Erumi—?!?!”

“Again, hit me again ♥“

“W-Wait… here…?!”

While everyone else is watching?!

“Just shoot me. See? Shoot me ♥”

“Hm? What are you saying? Igni, I’m No. 1, right?”

Igni is surrounded two of which words have little to no meaning and he cries out.


He wondered as he screamed, was this really the world he desired?


Igni: “...............!!”

Igni awoke.

Igni: “......Oh my gosh….it….it was just a dream…….”

Yoori: “You were tossing and turning in your sleep. Are you okay?”

Igni: “......dream…..it was a dream but…..it wasn’t….a dream…...maybe?”

Yoori: “Are you really okay?”

Igni steps off of his bed.

Igni: “......I’m….okay. Yes, I’m okay…..”

Igni: (Wait… can I honestly say that I am popular with the ladies now…?)

Igni re-examines his current situation.

Igni: “No, I still have a long way to go.”

His brain decided to reject all understanding and reasoning.

Yoori: “What’s wrong, Igni?”

Igni: “It’s nothing. Let’s go to school.”

Early in the morning, the two leave the dorms.

They are arriving at school much earlier than usual.

It’s because Yoori wanted Igni’s help with his combat training.

Yoori: “But

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