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watchmyanimal > Star Odyssey > Chapter 847: Why Are You Angry?
The border had stabilized for the moment, but in a distant part of the Astral Wilderness, on the planet with the giant mechanical arm, Xun Qianye stepped out into outer space as mechanical giants appeared behind him, one after another. All of them flew into outer space and headed towards the Outerverse.

Xun Qianye had a ruthless look in his eyes. “Lu Yin, this time, it’s over!”

At the border between Frostwave Weave and Northcastle Weave, there was a technologically advanced planet that was building its second space station. In the distance, a cylindrical warhead spewing a trail of fire flew into space and hurtled towards a desolate planet that was some distance away. A continent on the desolate planet was bombed and blasted apart, causing the magma to bubble up from underground as red hurricanes wreaked havoc in the sky.

Countless people on the planet cheered. They called this weapon a “Research Bomb,” and after careful research and testing, they had managed to unleash an attack with a power level of 8,000. This was just one Research Bomb, and this bomb was actually one component of the Super Research Bomb. A true Super Research Bomb was assembled from hundreds of components, and its power was high enough to obliterate a planet with its power level reaching at least 30,000.

Although this planet was technologically advanced, its civilization had not discovered cultivation yet, and it had only taken some initial steps towards making contact with the Great Yu Empire, so it was still in the state of being monitored.

It was already very astounding for such a civilization to create a bomb that could threaten Explorers by purely relying on their technological prowess.

The cultivators of the Great Yu Empire monitoring this planet quickly reported the incident to the Lu Office of Defense, as the military might be interested in this bomb.

At that moment, from within the planet, a few more Research Bombs flew out, assembled together in space to form a true Super Research Bomb, and then rocketed towards that desolate planet. This strike was enough to destroy that planet.

Everyone watched on in anticipation.

But just when the bomb was about to strike the planet, an enormous being suddenly appeared and grabbed the Super Research Bomb. It was an incomparably massive mechanical giant, and the Super Research Bomb exploded in the titan’s hand.

The outcome was shocking. That mechanical giant had not been harmed at all, and its palm was only slightly blackened.

Countless people were overwhelmed, but they did not understand where this mechanical giant had come from.

The cultivators from the Great Yu Empire who had been monitoring the planet also realized that something was amiss. They tried to contact the Lu Office of Defense only to find that all outgoing signals were being jammed, preventing them from establishing any sort of contact. Then, everything went black before their eyes, and their consciousness ceased.

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