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watchmyanimal > Phoenix's Requiem > Chapter 352: Recovered Cultivation
“Young Master,” the housekeeper replied, “that man was gravely injured during the fight, and he hasn’t yet awoken.”

“Oh? He’s not going to die, is he?” Pi Yang straightened up and glanced sharply at the housekeeper. He wanted to use Li Mo to lure Yun Ruoyan out. If Li Mo were to die, he would be useless! Furthermore, Pi Yang knew how strongly Yun Ruoyan felt about Li Mo. If he were to die, his relationship with her would forever be marred.

This wasn’t an outcome that Pi Yang would be happy with.

“No, no, he isn’t dead! Don’t worry, Young Master, he won’t die so easily.”

Pi Yang went back to leaning against his seat. “If he still doesn’t wake up, send for a physician on his behalf. Make sure you save his life, if nothing else.”

“Yes, Young Master. May I begin?”


The names and identities of each slave was recorded in a register, and each one was handed an identification token. “This token is of utmost importance,” the housekeeper emphasized. “This is a record of your identity as a slave of the Pi household.”

He spoke as though it were an honor.

Zhuo Yifeng’s hand clenched around a black wooden token, on which was engraved a groundhog with its four limbs crawling on the ground. On the Mingyuan continent, they were as weak and inept as groundhogs, and their tokens would forever remind them of their identity.

“Damn it, I—” The man with a bite mark still on his neck raised a hand, about to fling his identification token on the ground, when the fatty pulled him back. “Black, don’t be rash!”

“Listen to Fatty, Black,” Xue Ji added from the side.

Only then did the man called Black finally quash the rage simmering in his chest, barely restraining himself from tossing away his token. On the other hand, Zhuo Yifeng’s fist trembled with anger and rage. He squeezed the token so firmly that it looked as though he was trying to crush it with his bare hands.

Su Bei’s voice rang out in his mind, a memory of one of their last conversations before he left.While you’re weak, you have to learn restraint.

Zhuo Yifeng slowly unclenched his fist. “Restraint, restraint…”

Yun Ruoyan spent the next two days with the troupe of courtesans. Madam Hong and A Fei spent almost the entire day outside, and Xiao Qing explained to Yun Ruoyan that they were trying to get business.

“What business?” Although Yun Ruoyan knew about the existence of such troupes, she wasn’t sure exactly what they did. Xiao Qing grinned. The next day, she woke her up so early in the morning that the skies were still dark. Along with the other women, they all began practicing a certain talent: some played music, woodwind and string, others sang, and even more danced.

Xiao Qing was a dancer, so Yun Ruoyan naturally followed suit and learned to dance. Footwork had always been one of her strengths, and dancing came relatively easy to her. Xiao Qing marvelled at Yun Ruoyan’s talent, claiming that she would be able to perform on stage by

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