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watchmyanimal > Phoenix's Requiem > Chapter 353: Killing the Two Brothers
my stomach hurts…” Yun Ruoyan clutched her stomach. “I need to go to the latrine.”

“What? Go now!” Xiao Qing pushed her away, and Yun Ruoyan ran out from the backstage clutching her stomach.

Once she was outside, Yun Ruoyan straightened up. A maid walked by, and Yun Ruoyan ran up to her. “Miss, may I ask where the latrines are?”

The maid pointed in a certain direction, but Yun Ruoyan pretended not to understand and insisted on the maid accompanying her. As they reached a secluded corner, she lightly tapped the back of her neck, and her body crumpled.

Yun Ruoyan put on the maid’s attire and snuck into the audience, where she stood behind the housekeeper of the Pi family.

“Housekeeper Hu, the vein that I’m in charge of is desperately in need of manpower. You have to hand me this batch of slaves,” the head of the Zhang family insisted.

Yun Ruoyan had overheard snatches of their conversation while dancing on stage.

“Oh, that’s easy. There are quite a few promising slaves in this batch, some of whom can be sent deep into the veins. Of course, the more talented the slaves are, the harder they are to control, so I hope you’ll be able to handle them.”

“Naturally, Housekeeper Hu! I have a whip and I’m not afraid to use it.”

“I’ll send you a few slaves tomorrow. They just came from one of the lower realms, and they’re all tall and sturdy.”

“In that case, let me thank you in advance.” The head of the Zhang family smiled. “Housekeeper Hu, what do you think of that singer? Shall I find you two similar courtesans to accompany you tonight?”

“Oh? I’ll gladly accept.”

Yun Ruoyan slipped away.A batch of slaves from the lower realms… could it be Li Mo and the others? Looks like I’ll have to head to the Pi manor tomorrow.

Once she returned to the inn after the performance, she had Mo’er send Li Mo a letter informing him of what she had overheard. However, Mo’er wasn’t able to find Li Mo, who was currently skulking through the Pi manor in order to try and find Qin Feng. Over the last few days, he had scoured the manor, but had found no trace of him.

Using all sorts of tricks, he had managed to cajole, threaten, and hypnotize the various servants to tell him about the locations of all the prisons and dungeons in the manor, which he then looked through one by one. However, even after three whole days of searching, he hadn’t found anything. There were only two more prisons that he knew of, and if Qin Feng hadn’t been sent out of the manor, he would have to be in one of the two.

Because Mo’er didn’t manage to find Li Mo, it wasn’t able to deliver Yun Ruoyan’s letter. More and more worried, Yun Ruoyan decided that she would head to the Pi manor tomorrow to have a look at what was going on.

Li Mo and Lin Qingchen, on Pi Yang’s special approval, were allowed to leave the prison and live in two small coal cellars instead. Zhuo Yifeng and Lin Qingxue were still in the prison; in order to prevent Zhuo Yifeng from

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