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watchmyanimal > Refining the Mountains and Rivers > Chapter 918 – Changes at Roc City
had once mentioned this plan, and now Lei Qianjun also knew of it.

Qin Yu bitterly smiled. Was this fate? Was he destined to be involved in this, unable to avoid it?

Lei Xiaoyu’s smiling face appeared in his mind. Right now she spent every day in incomparable bliss. She loved it most when Qin Yu temporarily stopped cultivating, because then she would bring him to the kitchen and make him all sorts of delicious foods.

But she had no idea that her life was approaching its end…even with the blue cloud lotus root extending her life, she only had around ten years or so. With every day that passed, she drew closer and closer to her last.

He closed his eyes. When he opened them again, he slowly said, “Very well, I agree!”

In the distant imperial capital, the aura of the heavens and earth gathered together. In one’s senses it was like nine dragons rising into the heavens, looking down upon the billions and billions of people with disdain. In the northeast corner of this vast imperial capital, there was a place where sunlight was never able to shine. It was covered in darkness all year long. Even if high level officials or the common people mentioned this place or even looked upon it, their complexions changed and their hearts filled with dread.

As an inner division of Celestial Retribution, this place was responsible for monitoring the regions within the empire. If they discovered any signs that there was someone or something capable of threatening the rule of the empire, they would eradicate it in advance. So, this division had a different name – the Heavenly Punishment Division. They punished others on behalf of the heavens, assisting the royal family in watching over and shepherding the world.

The Heavenly Punishment Division that was shrouded in darkness refused to be illuminated by the sunlight. Even though there were torches shining inside, the hall still remained dim and gloomy. Several figures sat around a round table. Their faces were partly visible in the flickering flames, and they added a sharp and steely coldness to the atmosphere.

Xiao Yunhai had a faint expression, “The royal family is the shepherd of all below the heavens, but the world is far too vast. We allow the existence of other shepherds so that the world is calmer and more stable. But, there are always some shepherds who develop ambitions they shouldn’t have as their strength increases. This is when our Heavenly Punishment Division takes action, eliminating those shepherds that try to escape our control, and setting up others that are obedient to us and dependent on the royal family to survive. Only like this can storms be eliminated before they erupt.”

He paused for a moment. Then, in an even colder voice he said, “Lei Qianjun is a shepherd that is beginning to show signs of revolt. He must die.”

Another person spoke up, “Lord Xiao, we had started laying out the groundwork, but before it could begin, Lei Qianjun struck first and exter

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