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Chapter 8

“E, Eri…”

“W-What is it, Princess?”

[ Ellie ]

Thoughts: I knew it. Is the cake too ugly?!

At the status window that popped up, Siervian saw that the cake Ellie brought her out of the blue. It was smaller and had simpler decorations than the cake she ate yesterday. But still, the thick chocolate cream on top of it looked delicious.

‘All the food Ellie brings me these days are delicious.’

Siervian could feel Ellie’s sincerity every time she took a bite. Her meals were now nutritious enough to help her young body to grow well.

Thanks to that, she couldn’t eat much because she was worrying about her weight. She felt sorry for not being able to eat much.

But she couldn’t believe it was happening again.

“I-I’m sowwy!”

“Please don’t cry. What’s wrong, Princess?”

Tears welled up in Siervian’s eyes. She couldn’t see Ellie’s beautiful face through her tears, and her shoulders kept shaking because of her sobs.

At this sight, Ellie quickly ran to the princess’ side and hugged her. It was a pity that she was too small to even fill the maid’s arms.

‘It’s awkward…’

In Ellie’s warm embrace, Siervian felt confused. Because whenever she cried, everyone would only look down at her with cold eyes.

‘What should I do?’

Surprised of herself because she started crying, Siervian confessed about what happened the day before.

“I ate too many snacks yestewday.”

“Yesterday? Oh, did you eat a lot when you were with His Majesty?”


As she hiccupped, Siervian nodded. She didn’t need to talk formally* because she was a princess, but it just kept coming out.

She was afraid that she’d lose this warmth forever.

“I made a mwistake…”

[ Ellie ]

Favorability: +30

Her tears were still flowing profusely, but she could see the bright status window.

The favorability rose up just like that. Siervian looked at Ellie with wonder in her eyes. Even with the slightest movement of her gaze, her eyes were heavy with tears.

But Ellie still had a smile on even though Siervian confessed.

“Princess. You weren’t wrong.”

[ Ellie ]

Thoughts: My poor princess…

Because of those words, Siervian was filled with a little courage. She raised her face and asked.

“But, y-you said it’s spwecial…”

Ellie’s warm hand touched Siervian’s cheek, and her sorrow melted away little by little.

“Because it’s a snack. Our Princess didn’t eat much today, so I was worried.”

“Becawse I didn’t eat well?”

Ellie was telling her again to eat more.

She said it every mealtime, but Siervian couldn’t understand. Until just recently, she had been told that princesses should eat less and always watch their weight.

However, after seeing the Empress’ status window, seeds of doubt had been sown. It was Sarah and the Empress who told Siervian to eat less. Why did they do that?

“Yes, Your Highness. I’m sorry the food isn’t good enough… If it was delicious, you would have

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