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Chapter 7

“Come in now, Princess.”

The Empress smiled at Siervian, even as the child stumbled to a halt at the door. It was the benevolent grace that Siervian knew well.

“I gweet Your Majesty the Empwess.”

It took a while before Siervian regained her senses, so she hurriedly greeted her stepmother. Still, it wasn’t a pretty sight because she stumbled when she entered.

“It would be prudent to accelerate your etiquette lessons, Princess.”

“I apwologize . . .”

The Empress sipped her tea elegantly, displaying textbook posture and manners.

Siervian’s apologies flowed out of her lips automatically, just as before, and her five-year-old body followed suit naturally.

“Even so, you have nothing to worry about, Princess. I’ll take care of everything so that you won’t have to make any more blunders again.”


“Come closer, over here.”

The Empress, who always said that Siervian had nothing to fret, remained the same. Always trust her, she’d say, and everything would be fine.

But the persistent status window left Siervian confused.

‘Negative favorability?’

As she approached where the Empress sat, the number didn’t change no matter how long Siervian stared at it.

“. . . You’re very pretty today, too, Princess.”

[ Cybelle Erveldotte ]

Thoughts: What an unpleasant resemblance. F*cking wench.

As Siervian walked closer, the Empress would croon softly to the princess as she scrutinized her from head to toe. Siervian was nervous because she kept thinking about all the macarons she ate yesterday.

Then, the Empress’ gaze stopped on the blue ribbon.

[ Cybelle Erveldotte ]

Thoughts: Ha. Blue?

Was there something wrong with the ribbon?

“Come and sit here.”

“Yes, Your Majwesty.”

Siervian had to answer well no matter what. She was absolutely tense with nervousness. She didn’t know what would happen because it’s the first time she saw negative favorability.

She was definitely excited when she was on her way here, but now that she had arrived . . .

“I heard that something unfortunate happened at the Princess’ Palace.”

“Yes . . .”

Siervian felt sad every time she remembered what happened with Sarah that day.

The Empress seemed to think that Siervian’s reaction was within her expectations, so she didn’t question this.

Whenever Siervian came to this palace after something bad happened, the Empress would always ask Siervian.

What made you so sad?

What has made our Princess so heartbroken?

‘How come it’s like this . . .’

Siervian looked at the Empress’ status window.

[ Cybelle Erveldotte ]

Thoughts: Such an eyesore. Annoying wench.

Even though she couldn’t control her expressions, it was a relief for Siervian that what she was feeling matched what she should be showing.

“It’s my fault, Empwess.”

Even at the child’s hasty apology, the Empress’ expression stayed benevolent. It was uncanny.

“Sarah was a maid I trus

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